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  1. The current version is mb3-setup-consumer- (1).exe That's what I have
  2. No. I am not using a beNot_a_beta_MBAM.pdfta. See the screen capture. The problem started as soon as 3.3.1 was installed. I made no changes to the default install other than add exclusions.
  3. And, the ISP login page certainly not down. I login using my mobile phone to bypass Malwarebytes blocking that page,
  4. mb-check-results.zip Here is the log. Before I am asked again, there have been no protection events logged under reports; I see only scan reports. Any protection events were before 3.3.1 was released.
  5. I already told you, there are no protection events in the Reports tab; only scan reports. That's the reason I am raising this issue. As I said, that block.malwarebytes.com page keeps popping up at random. It is very annoying, as there is no issue with those pages (or domains), yet access is blocked. I never saw this block.malwarebytes.com page upgrading to 3.3.1 (there were protection events, bu I never saw this page). I used to see a pop-up dialog near the system tray with details of the protection event. Now, I never see that pop-up, just this page all the time. The proble
  6. This is what I see and the behaviour is random. I get this page for my ISP login sometimes despite adding an exclusion. blocked_by_mbam.pdf
  7. I see block.malwarebytes.com page. That can't be from anywhere else. The problem started with 3.3.1; it was not present in the earlier version. So, sure, Malwarebytes did not block those domains before 3.3.1
  8. Do you mean the entries in the Reports section in Malwarebyes? No entry in those reports; just daily scan reports are listed. But, as soon s I try to access the URL for login, I get block.malwarebytes.com webpage. That is all. If I try to access the same URL, I again get the block.malwarebyes,com page.
  9. No, Act Fibernet is not down. How can I post that if I have no internet access? I used my mobile to login to ISP as Malwarebytes (3.3.1) blocked the login despite having an exclusion. Moneycontrol - it is intermittent. I posted on the forum after observing for several days. I can't quite figure out when a site is blocked and why. Not using any beta. Release version 3.3.1. I had no such issues with the previous version. 3.3.1 is blocking sites at random
  10. Worse, now it is blocking the login to ISP despite adding an exclusion. I found that it also blocks moneycontrol.com, a popular site for stock market news at times. The behaviour is inconsistent.
  11. My ISP is Act Fibernet (http://portal.actcorp.in/web/blr/broadband) with login page http://portal.actcorp.in/web/blr/home. Malwarebytes 3.3.1 blocks this. I had to add an exception to get internet access. The earlier versions were not blocking it. The logout page is blocked too, but not always. Many other web sites are blcoked by 3.3.1 too; again none of them blocked by earlier version. For example, my local transport agency http://www.mybmtc.com/en gets blocked when I try to look up any details. I want to make this clear - I don't want to add exceptions without knowing why
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