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  1. Hi axe0, Its definitely odd that it says the last crash was so far off as what pushed me to make this post was two crashes the day of posting. I have freed up space by resetting my PC but keeping personal files but plenty of BSODs have occurred since then. The only "cleaning" software I had was avast which I no longer use and I only have malwarebytes for antivirus. -Jarrod
  2. Hi, I had a thread over in the Malware forum but was not able to find the issue causing crashing of my graphics drivers (and subsequently any games or programs I'm running at the time of the crash) and occasionally BSOD'ing [BAD_POOL_CALLER & SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED] . I have now been referred to this forum and have attached the zip below and will have additional details. · Windows 10· x64· Original OS is the current windows 10 install· OS is OEM, bought prebuilt from iBuyPower with minor part modification (RAM) from me· Age of system is about 4 or 5 y
  3. Apologies for the delay. So I followed the chrome cleanup and so far there seems to be drastically less crashes. Also additionally I upped my fan curve to keep the graphics card cooler (as it would be around 84c when playing games. There still has been a few crashed and 1 or 2 bsods. If you would like me to go into detail of the bsods I can!
  4. So Kapersky found one thing to quarantine and I attached a screenshot below. Also as an update on my computer performance. It seems the other monitor lag that would be caused with a game being open seems to have minimized (but not completely disappeared). As for the graphics drivers and computer fully crashing has remained the same if not gotten worse. Again I appreciate all the help! Jarrod
  5. Alright Ron, followed everything and the files are attached below! One thing I wanted to add was before you initially responded to this post I ran Malwarebytes again but this time I did a custom scan scanning for rootkits as well and some items were found and quarantined as well. I included this log as Malwbyte backlog CUSTOM. The log for your most recent reply is Malwbyte backlog NEW. Thanks! Malwbyte Backlog NEW.txt Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt Malwbyte Backlog custom.txt
  6. Okay FRST64 has been ran with the fixlist and the log is attached below! I uninstalled avast as requested as well. Thank you so much in advance Ron! Fixlog.txt
  7. My current computer is still relatively new (within the last 5 years) and is acting like it is on its last leg. I share this computer with my little brother who is in high school and do not monitor his activity. I don't know if I am infected for sure but it shows the few signs that I am aware of and would like to at least confirm it is NOT infected (unless it is) before investigating hardware. From time to time the entire system will crash entirely, graphics driver crashing constantly, entire system crashing during scans/targeted scans, Peripherals not receiving signal on startup, black screen
  8. Hi Yoan, Apologies I did not notice my reply did not go through! Here is the fixlog. Also my system as been exponentially faster! The slowdowns seem very very rare now, the only problem I have seen that whenever I have an application (normally a game) open along with YouTube, the audio of YouTube will begin to de-sync with the video. Not sure if this problem has arisen because of a process we went through. My first guess is going to be a ram problem but it could be various things. Fix result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 21.01.2018 Ran by Jarro (22-01-2018 13:
  9. Okay great thanks for addressing my concerns! Here is the Adw Log: # AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Wed Jan 17 01:06:49 2018 # Updated on 2017/21/12 by Malwarebytes # Running on Windows 10 Home (X64) # Mode: clean # Support: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support ***** [ Services ] ***** No malicious services deleted. ***** [ Folders ] ***** Deleted: C:\Users\Jarro\AppData\Local\vghd Deleted: C:\Program Files (x86)\S5 Deleted: C:\Users\All Users\Documents\Downloaded Installers Deleted: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Downloaded Installers
  10. Alright it is done! And the summary is below. A couple things I think I should note that I am not sure about: 1. My computer has started to load into "Windows Boot Manager" as of Sunday whenever I boot up my computer and has me choose a OS. It has never done that nor do I know why, 2. M computer has been getting stuck when restarting as of late, just now when malwarebytes restarted my computer it got stuck on the restarting screen and I left it for a good 30 minutes and it just continued to say restarting. Summary: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Detai
  11. Alright Yoan here you go! Had to get my hands on a usb first so it took a quick minu te to complete this process. The FRST file is attached below and I followed the instructions! FRST.txt
  12. Wow Yoan, thank you so much for the speedy reply! I am 100% for listening to any instructions word for word up until the end (and I agree to every statement provided above) and thank you so much in advance for any help you have provided! Here is the fixlog! Fixlog.txt
  13. Also something I forgot to add is that I did run malwarebytes and it did find 3 trojans and deleted/removed them and it seems Windows Process Manager (32 bit) shows up less often but clearly still exists as these screenshots are from today 1/12/18. Another aspect is this infection crashes my Avast Antivirus. Again any help is appreciated!!
  14. Recently my computer has been infected through I'm sure something I have downloaded yet I was not fast enough to catch it and my computer is suffering. This seems to be a similar situation to a forum post I read up on to find out what is happening to my computer. I have a fairly high end computer in which I should not have any lag whatsoever no matter what application(s) I am running but as of late my computer struggles simply with google chrome. I checked out my task manager to see what process was taking up almost 100% of my CPU and RAM and it was "Windows Process Manager (32 bit)" and
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