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  1. Sorry I didnt mention I have a Samsung 8 plus with Android 7.0. I did as advised and forced update after it says last response Jan 4 2017. Went back to Malwarebytes dashboard it still shows 2 issues. Press fix it scrolls down and shows database outdated and phishing outdated not run in a week. I press update and nothing happens. Like i said I forced update and it says last response Jan. 04 2017.
  2. Hi there new to Malware so forgive if this is a stupid question. I ran a scan because it said a scan hadnt run in over a week. Even though real time protection is on. So it said I have issues updated needed. I touch update,you can see button push but nothing happens. Even up where it say database version outdated update now. Hit it and nothing happens. What do I do any ideas?
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