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    Blocking Games from saving files

    My system is setup as such: C:\OS and system programs D:\Games, Media and Documents E:\USB Media (Digital movies etc) H:\Backup Partition World of Warcraft files, unlike some games, save all of their settings to subfolders of the parent folder on the partition the game is installed. Other games tend to save game files in C:\Users\Appdata so system protection is not a factor in this issue, I assume that is why you are asking. Using disable protection works equally as well as stopping the service so thank you for that suggestion. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. Trav_TS

    Blocking Games from saving files

    What I have experienced thus far are the files with the suffix .wtf. These are configuration files that World of Warcraft uses to save settings. When MWB AR is running as a service these files are blocked from saving and from changes being read while the service is running. Adding an exception inside the program does not remedy this issue. 2018-01-16-LAN-1.zip
  3. Malwarebytes Anti-ransomware innately blocks games from saving files required for operation. I do not feel the software should behave in this manner if the application has been installed by the Administrator and is running correctly.

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