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  1. After reading more into the program, it looks like it's not any form of spyware, and appears to even be essential to many in-game functions outside anti-cheat (at least I was right it was more than just that), so I won't be continuing to attempt to block it. It'd still be nice to know for the general case of some program Malwarebytes reports as safe if it is possible to still quarantine it.
  2. I'm sure it's valid, because it's actually a game's anti-cheat. I'm wanting it gone in case it's secretly more than just an anti-cheat (data collection, spyware, etc).
  3. A kernel process keeps getting temporarily made on my computer and I'm wanting it permanently gone in case it's spyware or something like that (such as a business's data collection), but Malwarebytes keeps reporting it as a safe file. Is there any way I can make Malwarebytes treat it as malicious, such as a user-made false positive? I know there's the Allow List to counteract false positives, but I'm wanting to make a false positive.
  4. Actually for some reason it seems the issue disappeared. I have no idea what could've caused it, but I can't recreate the issue anymore
  5. I have already stated the program told me to tell you they could not be created
  6. It seems like it took an hour to launch, but it finally came up. Even though its not as bad as stated, this is still a dangerous problem
  7. for some reason, Malwarebytes has recently had trouble actually launching. It still does its periodic scans and that stuff, but trying to open the actual interface just doesn't work. I made sure it wasn't just resource-hogging programs by restarting my computer and opening it first thing, but it still didn't come up even after doing nothing for over 10 minutes also, I tried running the support tool and it said that it was unable to create the zip file
  8. Sorry it took me so long, I had some problems with installing it. it had issues renaming a file and would not continue. I just fixed that problem and the installation worked well. the most recent version is, right?
  9. I don't remember what fixed it last time, but I'm having the issue again. Apparently what causes it is my computer crashing, since thats the last thing that happened both then and now
  10. Same problem as I had on this post except It does not go back to off and when I attempt to turn it on it constantly builds memory usage to the point of crashing my computer mb-check-results.zip
  11. I'm currently busy with other stuff, I will get to trying your suggestions soon
  12. Whenever I open up Malwarebytes, Web Protection is set to off, and when I try to turn it on, it says Starting like normal, and then off. I just now started having this problem and it hasn't happened before. I do have self protection on as well as early start, so i don't think its an attack mb-check-results.zip
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