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  1. Nope, sorry. I am not sure exactly what it was or the details either. Also, I was able to delete the DNS settings before, but they would eventually change back to the 82.xxxx IP's at some random time after the change.
  2. Also note that, yes, this was a lame method of transmission. A popup came up that she clicked and followed through with.
  3. Here is the .plist. I left the username in (I was trying to save her shame
  4. treed, Sorry, I was out in the woods for the past two days and just got back into the electronic world. I attached the file once to you privately and will attach it here now also. ForMalwarebytes.txt
  5. I am helping a fellow teacher. She accidentally installed something and her DNS now appears to be hacked. Malwarebytes found "MyCoupon" but that was all. I manually removed the offending DNS entries ( & but they keep coming back. I don't see any extensions, startup items, or other obvious signs of what is going wrong. I tried to generate a report, but there is no "Support" option under help on the version on her laptop. Thank you, Mike
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