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  1. Hope that's all you need from me. Headed to airport and won't be available for 5 days. dxdiag and msinfo NFO.zip
  2. Please ignore previous log. I clicked on repair process and collected the logs while repair process was running. Here is the updated logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. @exile360 guess its one of those convenience vs security balancing act and yes most users (i would even venture to say 99.99% of users) never read the dialog and just click ok. I deal with this all the time throughout the last 25 years. Maybe a wishlist feature I guess, allow power users the option to do it but requires venturing into advance settings to do so, that way you satisfy the needs of the powerusers while balancing out the requirement to guard against users who don't read. @LiquidTension I haven't noticed it elsewhere but I haven't had to input anything elsewhere either. Please see attached log as requested. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I didn't know about the tray icon menu that allows adding exclusion so I ended up clicking on the mwb notification window to manage exclusion (really stupid imo) and then have to manually input that exclusion. Wouldn't allowing adding of exclusion on that pop up notification make more sense? Anyways please see the attached image, the horizontal alignment of every character is off, basically creating a wave-like feedback. Is this by design? PS ignore the input itself, I found out comma wasn't a delimiter nor does exclusion take wildcards (feature suggestion?)
  5. I was surprised when this came up in notifications. Any idea what gives? dnscrypt trojan alert.txt
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