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  1. Okay, we seem to be taking some steps backward. Originally, I was able to get to a cmd prompt. Now, all options are asking me to provide a password for, not Administrator, but my named account. I have never set up a password for my account. Even just hitting Enter still says incorrect password. I have 2 Win 10 machines, both via free MS Upgrade from win 8.1, so I created a recovery disk on the good one, changed the BIOS to boot from Internal ODD. When restarting, it's as if it is ignoring the ODD and still trying to boot from the HDD. I hear no spin up on the ODD during the boot sequence. Rechecking the BIOS settings shows the ODD as the 1st Boot option. I don't know if this is pertinent or not but back when I was able to get to a cmd prompt, it opened, not at C: but X:. My 1 TB HDD was partitioned into a C, F, X, and Z drives. I thought the default prompt was always C:. I can CD to C: and display its contents with dir and all seems normal. That is until it started asking for a password. Also, very impressive and thorough reply. Your attention to detail is much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the reply... Recovery Your PC couldn't start properly. After multiple tries, the operating system on your PC failed to start, so it needs to be repaired. Error code 0xc0000001 Choose one of the options below to address this problem. Press Esc for recovery Press Enter to try again Press F8 for Startup Settings After a minute or so it shuts down if I don't take any of the options.
  3. I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes last week. The original reason was to scan an infected HDD from another PC, connected via USB. Six viruses were found. Fine, to this point. I then set up a scheduled scan of my C drive to run every night. It found 93 PUPs, apparently all dealing with the Chrome browser. No big deal, I thought. After putting the found files in quarantine. I restarted. This is where my problems started. The Windows 10 OS would not start. Instead Automatic Repair ran and indicated there were problems with the PC. Standard message. I tried letting the system repair the problem but it couldn't. I tried booting into Safe Mode but it instead cycled through Auto Repair with the same result. I disabled Auto Repair but it then stopped as before saying my PC had problems. There were 3 options involving Safe Mode. I tried them all to no avail. I can open a command prompt and see my C drive and the Program Files folder but I'm unsure what to do next. Is there a way to unquarantine those files?
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