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  1. The displayed time depends on your settings. You can change the settings by going to My Controls -> Options -> Board Settings I don't know though what the "default" time settings are if you don't change it when you register (or afterwards)
  2. Thanks for trying to help DaChew, much appreciated. Fortunately it turned out that it is possible to use the ASCII character at login to type the password. I didn't know that was possible, but I have been able to get hold of a pc expert by phone, and he told me that this was no problem. I instructed my friend how to type ó instead of the special character within her password, and Windows accepted it! Phew, I'm relieved now
  3. Oh I see now what you mean, I haven't tried "Safe Mode with Command Prompt". I assume that with the enabled admin account, I would be able to change the main/only user password, right? Thank you, I will try that as soon as I can go to her - probably tomorrow after work, and see if it works this way
  4. Thanks for your reply DaChew. I already tried it, and it didn't work. Even booting in Safe Mode does prompt the password window.
  5. Hi, A friend of mine had no password set at Windows start (Windows 7), and asked me to help her to set up one. The issue is that as soon as Windows loads, her default keyboard is a specific European language that is different from the OS language. When she typed in the admin/user password twice and confirmed, she used 1 special character (in ASCII it's ó) which is a standard character in her native language and can be typed normally on her keyboard settings. However on Windows start-up, the only keyboard versions available are German and French (I didn't realize this unfortunately, nor that she used special characters), and it's not possible (to my best knowledge) to create that special character with any key combinations on German and French keyboard settings. Now she's locked out of Windows, and I couldn't find a way to solve this issue. I need urgent help, does any of you have an idea? Thank you in advance
  6. That's great news noknojon! I'm glad that the joined forces were successful.
  7. Have you tried to delete history and cookies? Maybe this can help: http://www.winxptutor.com/ieabout.htm
  8. Just a thought: When you copy-paste license information, sometimes there is a space at the beginning or rather at the end (e.g. "1345 ") which results in an invalid license error message. I've seen that happen over and over again with many software products. If you've bought a legit copy, this could be a reason; try again, and check that there are no spaces (blank characters) when you enter your license info
  9. Auslogics Disk Defrag is what I'm using for a long time now, running really fast and smoothly
  10. Neither is Browser Defender (at least on the Mozilla add-ons page).
  11. You can export your contacts from Hotmail by going to Contacts -> Manage -> Export After verifying your account (note: in some cases Firefox might not work, if you experience this problem, you might need to do that in Internet Explorer), you can download the contacts in a .csv file, which you should be able to import in Thunderbird. To connect Hotmail with Thunderbird, you need the Webmail Extension as far as I know: http://webmail.mozdev.org/index.html
  12. It was just a first guess on my part, that this would be possible. The Google search results just looked strange with those porn related contents. However, MysteryFCM's information, and also proof posted meanwhile on the IOBit Forums shows that the pages in question have been there since several weeks. I think that the deletion and closure of comments on their blog is a separate issue. I could have completely understood if they had edited out rude and inappropriate content, and even that they had closed it for further comments, but deleting all comments (even the neutral ones, or the questions which were posted in a polite way) that have been there for more than 24 hours? The only way to ask for an explanation is now to register on that forum... Btw, it seems that the responsible persons - or those who could provide information are currently hiding. Not even their forum staff can contact them... nor do their users get replies to technical issues they are experiencing
  13. Thanks for the info MysteryFCM So then this - apparently porn related - file (along with another one) was the one which was flagged by Site Advisor as malicious? http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/iobit.com/downloads/ Whatever is going on, it's pretty disturbing...
  14. Hmm, from the Google search results on the domain iobit.com it rather appears to me that their site has been hacked. I didn't go to any pages but currently all their pages (also the "legit" ones about their applications) seem to be full of that porn related text.
  15. I've been following the developments since the beginning, and I am shocked. I'm an MBAM user but not affiliated with them, and I make my judgements based on logic and evidence. The evidence by the MBAM team is very strong, on the other hand I haven't seen any clear and logical explanation provided by IObit, not on their blog and not on their forums. They pretend that it was some minor mistake by unexperienced staff. -> Not credible, and doesn't explain anything. They have uploaded new screenshots to prove that those files are not detected with the same name anymore. -> Doesn't explain anything. What is shocking me now, is that apparently (according to their own words), they have now publicly provided real, active malware to download from their blog (in the Declaration text at the bottom part). First of all, what kind of practice is this? Second, what do they want to prove with it? And, what can be done to force them to take it off? I'm really worried that some curious readers will download it. After seeing all evidence posted from both parties, my support goes to the MBAM team.
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