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  1. hey, try "noroot firewall" and block "shell.apk" then you can allow all other apps that you use online, I no longer have a problem from enginee and whone
  2. auto installation of enginee really cant be remove but can be block via firewall, the app shell.apk even if removed still shows up on the "access list" on the firewall. If given permission, enginee automatically installs but if blocked no auto installation occurs
  3. @Crytix i cant edit post (i already mentioned this)
  4. i was finally able to send a report, i tried disabling the shell.apk, enginee somehow stopped but a new app is auto installed something with "whone" in its name, if i remember correctly it was found adware by malwarebytes i tried a factory reset, and it gave me an option to restore backup, how do i delete the recovery/backup file?
  5. @mbam_mtbr i cant find shell.apk on the app list package, it doesnt show system apps also i kept on monitoring my data and there is also another app that would spike 1.5mb then followed by an "enginee" notification being installed, the weird part is that this particular app doesnt show on my system apps, its called "OS Services"
  6. i cant send a report, theres an error, i forgot the exact words but it means that i dont have an email app to send report also i think i found it, the source, i was monitoring my data consumption when suddenly a pre-installed app called "shell.apk" downloaded 1.5mb then a message pop up from malware about enginee as a threat i dont think its coincidence. but i still need confirmation
  7. im not sure how to share the result but heres link https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/7977270656abfe7ca99095817dcb35c432a7a0c7249b309054bc97b3acbffa93/detection
  8. damn the enginee is back again, there has to be something thats triggering this
  9. yeah but it got my attention and started pulling some strings and i ended up in a website that make military weapons in america, its the same one sending the url for auto installation, i think their spying on us
  10. based on virustotal graph, i found a link which if you try to load it on desktop it auto download the same apk file and that is the enginee app if i could blacklist this link on my phone it should stop the auto installing right?
  11. @florinch i just tried, it didnt return... yet @MAM i checked it on virustotal, 14/62 engines found this as infected files, i rescanned it and 22/61 Also i dont know how to edit my post to remove the download link
  12. Hi, i need help and i hope that someone here can help me, im currently infested by a virus or malware that keeps on coming back, it never stop it always install itself and it has the capability to 1. read phone status and identity 2. location 3. modify/delete contents 4. find accounts on device 5. download files WITHOUT notification 6.retrieve running app and run at startup 7. draw over other apps 8. read sync settings it looks very dangerous it could steal info from my phone, based on my research those who are infected by this app also receives msgs with links and it seem
  13. I once have issue with infoprovide app auto installing issue but is now solved, but the other app called "enginee" still not fixed, it keeps installing by itself and i have no idea which app is causing this problem i also found out that enginee is categorized as guerrilla.ak
  14. alternative removal FWUpdateProvider: Install the USB drivers for your device (Google has a list of some universal USB drivers here) Download the ADB binary for your particular OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) Extract the zip file into a folder that you can quickly access. On your phone, go to Settings and tap on About Phone. Find the Build Number and tap on it 7 times to enable Developer Options. Now enter Developer Options and find USB Debugging. Enable it. Plug your phone into the computer and change it from “charge only” mode to “file transfer (MTP)” mode.
  15. debloater didnt work with my phone, but i was able to remove it by a different approach, through shell commands, i uninstalled it, but when i check it on debloater it says only disabled so i guess its fine, also one of the app that keeps installing is gone the "infoprovided" app no longer install but now the "enginee" app is more persistent than before. every couple of minutes that im online that app install itself. I also notice that my default browser keeps adding 2 app on my homescreen the "loopscoop" and "2048" with Chinese Characters, even if i delete data and cache of the browser it kee
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