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  1. Having the same issue with live streaming in Axis Camera Companion 3.50.006 and Malwarebytes, Component Package 1.0.391, Update Package 1.0.6147. Only workaround is to disable Web protection.
  2. Posted in the MB3 forum as well. MB throwing up website blocks related to ocsp.starfieldtech.com starting earlier this morning on my system.
  3. I am also in the US and Cox is my ISP. MB started blocking sites reporting ocsp.starfieldtech.com earlier this morning for me. Nothing has changed with my configuration.
  4. Installed Win10 Fall Creators 1709 this morning, and the exact same issue started. Running version (same as prior to Creators update). Now, IE 11 will only open if I Run as Administrator. If I turn off Internet Explorer in Managed Protected Applications, IE opens normally. I don't use IE 11 as my default browser, but unfortunately Outlook defaults to IE 11 when you use View in Browser for an email - so I need to keep IE 11 around for those instances. Turned off IE as a protected app for now.
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