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  1. Today as I made sure Symantec was fully enabled again (and it was) after this laptop was way slow this morning I rebooted. Started cleaning up some tabs and another session of firefox loaded with more issues ttps://go.searchlock.com/FireFox/614/SearchLock_fi Last night on Ebay I had another redirect from the reason I started this thread digitalprivacyalert.org after hitting back arrow after looking at a set of Top Gear DVD's Corporate Malwarebytes had run overnight cleanly again. So had Symantec Corporate.
  2. Here is what just happened after last response. New tab, home(Yahoo) finance, scrolling down looking at articles but NOT clicking on any of them. Suggenly redirects. One of them was something abotu ....sportscenter.... then it went ot digitalprivacyalert.org. A back arrow took me back to Yahoo Finance
  3. Yea - couple hours sleep again. I hope to be closer to home most of tomorrow so that I can work on this. Hesitant to log into my banking to pay some bills due the 12th until this is resolved. You never know exactly what is going on - information accumulated, etc. when something like this is going on. But yes, off to bed. Thanks for the help.
  4. Yahoo - Main page I guess that I set as homepage. Went into an article and back arrowed out. Went I think 2 other places/names before settling on the privacy????.org that I had searched on before starting this thread. I don't recall the 2 other names that came up for part of a second before coming up with the privacy one,. And now I don 't even recall what article I had read. I have probably 70 tabs open and a half dozen are yahoo main or finance I believe a couple of back arrows took me back to Yahoo where I came from. I could have killed the tab - I forget.
  5. Just happened while I was checking on Yahoo news stories using Firefox. So I guess I'll continue with these steps tomorrow.
  6. I may run like this for a day and see what happens. I needed to pay bills and get into other "sensitive" things tonight but I won't until I see if I still get redirected. If I do I will start the firefox process. I didn't see where to check that box when running FRST but I'll look again if I rerun it. At some point I wonder how much SPAM/popups/etc. I may be incurring from downloading several "fix" programs to the desktop. For instance I have AVG aware on a computer and it's really annoying wanting you to upgrade on a PC without a lot of resources running an old POS system. You mentioned an ad blocker have a recommendation? Years ago I loved spybot then it get kinda annoying. Then ad-aware for a while. Now this laptop has Corporate Malwarebytes, the others have shareware Malwarebytes and they all have Corporate Symantec. Do you have a recommendation for an additional product? Is one needed?
  7. It thought Symantec was still running even though I had did what we thought needed (un)done and the shield had the little red circle on it. So attached it that screenshot and the log Malwarebytes Combofix Symantec warning even though its stopped and shield shows little red dot.docx Malwarebytes combofix log 01082018log.txt
  8. Over my head. Looks like uncheck i and continue? Doesn't specifically say that it covers what those other boxes checked but seems to be kinda the same sort of protection. So my guess in uncheck? Worst case what it asks or warns about events when I run combofix and I allow?
  9. How much you know abotu Symantec? Open Symantec Endpoint Protection and then click Change settings from the left menu bar. Click Configure Settings next to Antivirus and Antispyware Protection. Click the File System Auto-Protect tab and uncheck the box labeled Enable File System Auto-Protect. Click OK. Click Configure Settings next to Proactive Threat Protection. Uncheck the boxes labeled Scan for trojans and worms and Scan for keyloggers. Click OK. 1st item no problem. 2nd item it's all under SOMAR now? The individual boxes it says to uncheck don't exist. Everything to the right of Proactive Threat Protection seem to fall under SOMAR Malwarebytes Symantec screenshot 01082018.docx
  10. Heck I think it just tried to repost my last reply. I haven't been online much today at all. Haven't been redirected today but I don't think any of these utilities has turned anything up yet. Should I proceed since we haven't apparently found anything yet or wait until it happens again?
  11. Ron, First - let me thank you for your assistance. It still happens occasionally. I'd say every half hour? Last time was pointing to a different site. I am on Amazon and Ebay a lot. Occasionally on Yahoo with the same issues. I have been having issues with "back button" sometimes not working. Before and after the history/temp file cleanup the other day. Here are the second set of logs from farbar. I am an "old" computer guy, withe the emphasis on old. And actually still a Microsoft hater. I remember even when the first PC's (which ran CPM) ran for months without needing rebooted or rebooting themselves. Or Business operating systems that were much better than, I call sturdier, than anything I fear Microsoft will ever release. The character cell days when things weren't as pretty but literally ran for years without reboot. So whenever I have issues with Microsoft or a layered product it still drives me crazy! Heck back around 2000 I actually had some Microsoft certifications - and hated every minute of it. Therefore I really do appreciate assistance from folks who know what they are doing. It simply takes way too much time to try and keep on top of things for the couple of laptops that I have. An XP (maybe the sturdiest OS MS ever released?), this win7 64 bit Pro and a win10 that I despise. The higher level they try and make things the more annoyed I get... Regardless of what happens here I truly do appreciate the effort and the guidance. Malwarebytes 2nd run of farbar FRST 01082018.txt Malwarebytes 2nd farbar run Addition 01082018.txt
  12. adwcleaner results farbar 64 bit Forgot to reboot before Farbar, attached are forst logs, I will rerun after reboot Malwarebytes full scan log 0108218.docx Malwarebytes 01082018 AdwCleaner[S0].txt Malwarebyted farbar Addition forgot to reboot first 01082018.txt Malwarebytes Farbar 1st run forgot to reboot 01082018 FRST.txt
  13. Turns out I have the Corporate Edition. I updated it, rebooted, and ran a full scan - here is the log: I did not see"threat scan" anywhere Ad blocker? I have this Malwarebytes and Symantec Corporate is all I have. Used to use spybot then adaware then it got to where is seemed they installed more crap than they removed. I will continue with the next steps.
  14. Just had it happen again. I will try these instructions on Monday between appointments, Dentist, etc.
  15. Nope. Was looking thru Yahoo/s news for the day on the main page and it popped up. So far a Left arrow usually will bring back what was there and this redirect page goes away. Off to bed for now. Does not appear to be fixed.
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