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  1. My Premium subscription expires this month and I keep getting an error when I try to renew it. It's happened every time I try to renew over the past week. I'd be grateful for your assistance. I've seen more that a couple of other people describe this exact same problem. I'm hoping there is a simple fix. I've been assigned Support Ticket 2184188 as of today. The text from the malwarebytes store checkout page is as follows: "File not found The page that you requested cannot be found on this server. This might have the following reasons: The link you are using is not valid anymore or wrong. You have not entered the URL correctly. The page does not exist anymore. If you have gotten to this page over a certain URL, please inform the owner over the page that offered this link so that he can update his page." A screen shot from checkout at the malwarebytes store web page is attached.
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