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  1. On my phone I can only use stock ROM which is horrible and does not update, or LineageOS 14.1 which I am using. The problem is that the guy who made the port is not interested in providing any updates, not even security ones. So, my phone is stuck with security patches from 8. November 2018. I have a paid version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware on the phone, with all security options turned on. What I am wondering about is whether Malwarebytes will protect me against being spied on with the camera and/or microphone when I am online? I know that apps like browsers and so on require permission
  2. Since official Cubot ROM come with pre-installed malware, I recommend that you flash you phone with custom ROM. For Cubot Note S, the best ROM is this one: https://www.needrom.com/download/lineageos13/
  3. Well, reinstalling an operating system with a different one is not really a fix. But yeah, stock ROM is bad. Though, custom ones have their own problems too.
  4. Well, yeah. Since I had flashed it with different ROM.
  5. Wow. It could be Cubot related (to their ROM). But could only be a coincidence. Who would know. I was not able to fix it. I no longer use official Cubot ROM. I use a custom ROM now. For my Note S, I use ColtOS 1.4 (Android 7.1.2). If you want to switch to custom ROM too, check out what it is available for your phone on NEEDROM website.
  6. I have sent app report again. Sorry for "SPAM", but can you please check if com.systems.apps.build2 is malware or not? It is listed under installed apps, installed (not by me) on 13.01.2018. And it is not detected as malware by the Malwarebytes scanner. Edit: Actually, it says updated on 13.01.2018. So, it could be that it was installed (again, not by me) a day or two before. Edit 2: Support ticket number is 2193404
  7. No, no. I have installed the ROM 3 months ago. It is official Cubot ROM (my phone is Cubot Note S), latest version verified by Google. This one: http://forum.cubot.net/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1511 But the problem with infection started about 10 days ago.
  8. While I was in Aliexpress app, in top status bar there was some glitching (like the notifications appearing, but invisible - or like something was downloading), and then this (first screenshot) appeared. They I ran a scan, and it found 24 malware (the highest number so far). I wanted to ask, if this is a bug? It says that those files can not be removed and I have to remove them manually (third screenshot). But then, after I ran another scan it finds nothing, and in fourth screenshot you can see it says 24 out of 24 where removed. So, is it a bug that it says it can not remove them, or is
  9. For now, those app are not returning. But now these malware files are returning and it says that it can't remove them, that I need to do it manually. But I can't find those files, where are they (see locations in the screenshots).
  10. It is getting worse and worse. Now malware returns multiple times a day.
  11. Once a day, these 4 or 5 malware apps get installed (same as in previous screenshots). Malwarebytes anti-ransomwhare protection then immediately scans them and says they are safe to use, but then it says one or two malware found. Then I just go to malwarebytes app, installed apps and uninstall them. But they return every day. :/
  12. I can't find this file. Where is this location? /mnt/sdcard/.tmpsicache/CliL1515313606828.apk It is not in hidden folders either. I can not find it anywhere.
  13. Those malware apps got self-installed again today. :/
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