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  1. Hi Jay, thank you for the update. If you have already logged a support ticket then we will get back to you for sure. We have used all the available resources on the past weekend but that obviously was not enough to respond in a timely manner. I apologize. We are catching up. In the mean time you may find the following information useful: How to recover from faulty Web Protection update https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/220408-how-to-recover-from-faulty-web-protection-update/ Regards, Mike Pikkov EMEA Support Manager
  2. We believe the problematic db version were 2018.01.27.02 and 2018.01.27.03 - those you have mentioned. If machine is experiencing connectivity / name resolution issues then the only solution would be to reinstall the endpoints unfortunately. All the support lines are opened at the moment. The support website was down earlier today because of the 3rd party - just a coincidence and bad timing.
  3. No, it looks like they are still on the way to talk to the server and will obtain 2018.01.27.13 as soon as they do that. As offline machine will not pick up the problematic database update but a good one, no action will be needed about those.
  4. Hi Corrigun, please accept our sincere apology for the situation. Yes, the DB should be of version v2018.01.27.12 or higher. Then it should be safe to have the Malicious Website Protection working properly again. Hope this answers your question. Regards, Mike Pikkov EMEA Support Manager
  5. Hi folks, the issue is that Chrome is unable to open any page. It hangs. Unable to quit Malwarebytes either. Then unable to restart a laptop - only hardware power off / on. I made sure this is CU12 specific by removing the beta and placing the latest official release back in place. The issue was gone. Placed CU12 back - the problem returned. No special steps to reproduce needed. Reboot a machine and launch Chrome. Here you go. The only workaround to access Chrome was to reboot a machine, quit MB3, run Chrome, then run MB3. FRST and MB-Check logs are attached. mb-ch
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