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  1. Thank you, I sent you the logs via private message, if you would please delete the message once my problem is solved you would do me a great favor btw, thanks again for your time!
  2. Here are the logs for malwarebytes and adwcleaner. Aso for the FRST logs I would like to ask, is it really necessary to send them complete or can I just send you the parts of the logs related to my browser? Because from what I have seen opening them they show quite a bit more than I feel comfortable to share online publicly... MWB Log.txt ADW Log.txt
  3. Hey, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately all of those methods didn't work(the first was not even applucable, since I don't login on my browser so the sync options weren't even present). Any other idea on what I might do?
  4. Hey, I just recently acquired a malwarebytes premium license and I went ahead and activated all the premium features; everything has been working well except for a problem I am encountering with web protection. I generally use 2 browsers, chrome and mozilla firefox(the quantum version): on mozilla I don't encounter any problem and it is also the browser that I use without any kind of adblock/privacy protection/ cancas protection extension and so forth, while with chrome, which is also the browser which I mainly use(I have been using it for much more than mozilla), which has installed many exte
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