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  1. just out of curiosity, how would I find evidence that web protection is what was blocking my connection? How would I have troubleshot that myself? TIA!
  2. disabling web protection fixed it, but i'd like to turn that back on. Is putting it back to the standard port my only option? Can't just exclude a port, right? Thanks!
  3. I'm having MBEP block RDP coming into a terminal server on a non-standard port. I do have Behavior Protection disabled in the policy that applies to the group that this server is in, per this document. I don't see any detections in the cloud console... nothing in event logs except successful security audit logs... not sure where to start looking for logs or exclusions. Any help would be appreciated. TIA ciao
  4. Is there any forecast on supporting Remote Desktop Services in the future? I'm having trouble protecting my servers by protecting my endpoints because my endpoints are terminal servers.
  5. Can we expect an on-premises solution in the future that contains the features of the cloud managed product?
  6. I'm trying to make the change in MBMC... The product it pushes out is MBEP (MBAM and MBAE,) right? thanks, Patr
  7. Hello, Sage has always suggested excluding a list of proprietary file extensions from their real time threat protection when using their MAS product. I am unable to add an extension to the ignore list in MBAM. Ex: *.m4t Do you have any suggestions on accomplishing this? The purpose is for performance. Thanks, Patr
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