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  1. Malwarebytes 3 recent update made my computer freeze and crash once again. I use the latest update.
  2. Malwarebytes is a joke. Yesterday due to the disastrous update the MB team gave their paying customers (I doubt they tested it before release), I lost alot of work commited before and after due to crashes and performance clogging. I am very upset about this. And I don't think I will ever be able to trust the software again. I doubt Malwarebytes understand the spectrum of trouble that they have given many of their customers.
  3. Yeah. Just can't use our computers anymore, it's okay. Can't explain this with words, can't understand how they can push this update to their paying users and think it is fine with just a fix.
  4. Software is acting like malware right now. That's the irony. Eating up the performance and makes computer vulnerable.
  5. This is insane! How can you push such a broken update to your users?! SHAME!
  6. How could you even say that? They just pushed an update that makes our computers unusable if we use the software we pay for.
  7. I agree with your statements. I have also lost trust in their software. This should not even happen.
  8. No, this needs all attention. I see this topic as a personal ticket, since they completely ruined my day.
  9. You have to do something about this right away, pull back the recent update. Malwarebytes 3 users computers are rendered unusable because of 100% RAM and CPU clogging. By the way, you just crashed my computer and all of my recent work didn't get saved. Good job.
  10. Same here. Something wrong with license server it says. Froze my computer and messed up all of my work. Had to do hard restart. Protection services won't turn on anymore. Malwarebytes Service is running at 12 500MB RAM and 10% CPU. Can't use my computer anymore with Malwarebytes Service process turned on.
  11. Same here, it's now in quarantine. Was shocked because I never get virus on my computer! Is this a bug? Should I restore the file?
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