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  1. Can you please check this site and remove it from the blocklist if possible. affordableglassandmirror.net Thank you
  2. Months later and this is still an issue. After updates over the weekend I had about 15 workstations lock up today. only "taskkill -s \\<hostname> /im:mbamservice.exe /f" helps make the computer responsive again.
  3. This is still an issue, the platform update pushed recently locked up half of our production workstations. These are quad core systems with 8GBs of RAM. Please fix whatever is causing CPUs to max out. I've had to run "taskkill -s \\<hostname> /im:mbamservice.exe /f" about 100 times today because the systems are too slow to even process a reboot command.
  4. Is Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection compatible with the Microsoft issued patch to mitigate the recent Meltdown exploit? see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4072699/important-information-regarding-the-windows-security-updates-released for additional information.
  5. Here is the MBAMService.log There were no entries after that point and the CPU remained maxed out until MBAMService.exe was manually terminated 30 minutes later.
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