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  1. PSI will not be available after April. Get it while you can.
  2. For testing on a Win 7 Pro 64, I ran MBAE and OSA together for a couple of weeks with no problems or conflicts. I was also running NoVirusThanks (author of OSArmor) Exe Radar Pro. With the bew beta of MBAE, I will be trying it again.
  3. I missed that part. :-( Were they playing Major Tom?
  4. Definitely way cool! Been watching this stuff since we sent our first American, Alan Shepard into space - 8th grade IIRC. A REALY BFD! Watching the side boosters land was like something out of a sci-fi movie.
  5. LMAO ... :-) An Easter Egg. heh David - When you sniffed it, did you find it sending 30 MB repeatedly?
  6. In the meantime, I would install SmartSniff and play with it to become familiar with how it works. If you have not done so yet, it is a bit technical - due to the nature of the beast. :-) Some packet sniffer are mystical. Then keep it at the ready so that should your problem reoccur you can click/run it and capture some data. I have used MalwareBytes off and on since it first came out and what you experienced is not something I have seen before. That is NOT normal phoning home for simple telemetry purposes.
  7. 30 MB is absurd! How many pups might that entail. And repeatedly? @fatcap - were I have that problem - I would turn that aspect of phoning home off. I understand you are on ADSL - not broadband. If I am understanding the setting, it is not needed for you to use this app.
  8. Why connecting to markmonitor.com ?? Fatcap - do you have a Firewall? You might want to check out SmartSnff from Nirsoft. Some info here - fairly easy to use for a packet sniffer. https://www.rarst.net/software/smartsniff/
  9. uBlock Origin is very good. I use it with Firefox. Very powerful & sooper Private. I also use Policy Control. Between the two, I see no ads and ward off lots of nasties. I also have MB but do not see things like you described.
  10. 25 + years on the Net including Abuse, SpamFighter, security, privacy etc. Never hear of them either. The points by David are important.
  11. It IS available for anyone that wants to download it and tech sites are already writing about it. DL and give it a try :-)
  12. That may well be. but it HAS been released to the public. Just seemed strange it was not mentioned here, but I can download it on Firefox addons/extensions.
  13. Wondering why this has not been announced here? Or did I miss it? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/malwarebytes/
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