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  1. Dashke thanks for the explanation and the quick fix. Checked malwarebytes had downloaded the latest definitions and the problem is resolved. Good work good software.
  2. Hi WTK. BT is British Telecoms in the United Kingdom, they supply landline telephone and internet service provider services such as broadband. If you have something popping up when you are not active on the system and don't have an email or a browser window open connecting to the outside world and the mentioned SSL I'd suggest updating your Malwarebytes then doing a scan as it could be something on your system not just on a website page, I'm technical but not an expert, posting in the general MB forum might help more with that. Thanks CICO. I wondered if they were aware their domain is blocked by a major software and if they knew of any IP address issues, I tested different websites and each loaded okay but had a popup about riskware from the same domain and with different IP ranges. Help guide says.. "I received a notification on a safe site, why? If a notification is presented on a safe site, and the site loads, it is likely the site was loading content that is hosted on an IP known for malicious activity. In this case, the site itself will be displayed perfectly fine, with the malicious content being blocked. If however, the site does not load, it is likely the site is also hosted on the same malicious IP address. It is also entirely possible that the site in question, shares it's IP address with other malicious domains." (link). If several users only just started seeing the problem possibly a software definitions update went out today. I wouldn't think a large company that provide SSL and privacy would have unsafe IP ranges for SSL. I assume it's likely to be a false positive that gets removed in an upcoming software definitions update. Will wait for an update.
  3. Just on the off chance I called GoDaddy's SSL supplier support team in the UK and the technician had never heard of "malwarebytes" shocking lol. I told him it was a largely used software.. anyway moving on. They said they aren't aware of any issues but may not be able to help with third party software, they are raising it to second level support in case they know anything about why their domain is blocked, but advised to contact malwarebytes, I advised them someone already had.
  4. I wouldn't expect an ISP to get in the way, unless BT are blocking all the domains IP ranges and Malwarebytes is picking that up, but I don't think it works that way. As GoDaddy are one of the biggest domain and SSL suppliers worldwide and Malwarebytes has a large user base I expect this may effect quite a few people. Hopefully someone will be along soon with further information on what the problem is.
  5. Hi Webdandy, Yes I do happen to be using a BT broadband connection. If I go to the starfieldtech.com website I get the same error as you too, it redirects to: https : / / block . malwarebytes . com / ? lic=Licensed & cat =Riskware&lang=en With a big error message: "Website blocked due to malware Your Malwarebytes blocked this website because it may contain malware. We strongly recommend you do not continue." Basically anything trying to connect to starfieldtech.com and malwarebytes is blocking it out.
  6. I also get the same website blocking popup warning domain starfieldtech.com coming from SSL certificate bought from GoDaddy USA / UK or 123-Reg in the UK. I did a threat scan it came up clean. The error popup is on any site I visit that bought an SSL from those companies. It's not coming up on any other website or SSL. I'd guess this might be a possible false flag. But just wanted to add an extra report to the post already here. Please fix as soon as possible.
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