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  1. Alright uninstalled and ran MB Check. If it turns out to be nothing on your end, thank you for trying to help in trying to fix my issue. mb-check-results.zip
  2. I have uninstalled it and I am still blocked from game servers. It says everything that is or was Malwarebytes should be gone so I suppose it might be something else but I have no idea what that might be. The issue only occurred after installing and using this service.
  3. "Malwarebytes does not block anything when in FREE mode"- Yes,however at the time of it originally blocking my access I was on a free trial provided with the initial install I installed MB-Clean and reinstalled the newest version (3.3.1) following the directions you provided, however I still have no access too game servers. Malwarebytes doesn't give me any notification of what it is doing, I am simply denied access.
  4. I installed Malwarebytes to scan for potential viruses on my PC. Following that scan I had no issues shown on my system. However, I was placed on the Premium trial during which MAlwarebytes was using its active protection to detect and block access to "malicious sites". However, this blocked me from using many trusted services, including application like Teamspeak and Discord as well as seeming to block any and all use of game servers. I attempted to use the exclusion function to restore my access however that has yet to work. I also attempted to uninstall Malwarebytes, however the issue persi
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