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  1. Good point. However the degraded performance was not during scanning but during realtime endpoint protection. It is the speed outside of scanning that I am concerned with.
  2. Great! Thanks. From the performance point of view, after one work day I estimate the performance degradation with the agent in the advised configuration (anti-ransomware off) is only 30% of what we seen by using the consumer version. Checking CPU and RAM all was fine, even with the consumer one, I guess the I/O has to suffer. My machine is inside the VM and the disk access is already affected by this setup. Maybe by using SSD things would improve a lot, we shall switch for SSD if we need to.
  3. Thanks for the instructions. The Anti-Rasomware module will be included for server OS in the future? The way we are working, like RDS and VDI setup would emulate the client OS on the server OS and I guess the threat of ransomware is the same if not bigger due to the fact that the server will represent a single point of failure for all users in case of an attack... I just read that Sophos has some anti-ransomware module active on Windows 2016, still limited in scope but they included it already.
  4. So if I run an Active Directory domain controller on a 2016 box without any other roles should I use the Yes Yes Yes X template or x Yes x x template? That server is not a core installation... Also, I do have 3 Server Core installations, from the table I should NOT install the agent at all? Or install it with all the 4 flags off, and be able to scan?
  5. That would be not a problem I suppose because the Multipoint "service" is basically relying on Terminal access plus some management tools around it. As far as I can tell it seems the business version appears to be less of an issue but I need to check with real production load after work resumes. I will post my findings here later this month.
  6. I ran the 14 days consumer trial on our virtual Multipoint 2016 server and I noticed some performance degradation when multiple users were logged in and multiple instances of malwarebytes were running. The processor and the memory were doing fine but I think the I/O speed with the virtual disk was severely degraded. For instance some process needed to launch another process and without malwarebytes this might take 30 seconds but when malwarebytes was installed it took 2 minutes instead, therefore 4 times longer. My questions are: - is any way to alleviate this behavior with consumer license (premium)? - would malwarebytes endpoint protection/security be in any way different such as running maybe a single instance or have better I/O performance? - can I get a new trial with the business version if I had installed (and removed now) the consumer version?
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