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  1. You guys do a fantastic job!! Best support of any company I've ever dealt with. Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. So booting in SAFE MODE (NO networking) Allowed me to lauch malewarebytes and find 3 Trojans. Everything is up working now. I used Mbar tool in safe mode and removed 3 more potentinal issues. Only thing now is that my protection keeps turing on off scan for rootkits ???
  3. I should now delete them in regular mode, correct? They are in the Quarantine section and when I booted up in my regular (non safe) mode. My Tray was open and these results were on display.
  4. I just found these in SAFE mode. Now it is working in regular mode. What should I do next? Infection.txt
  5. File attached above - Side note. My Malwarebytes continues to block a site looking for access called N65adserv.com (not sure what this is, or if part of problem).
  6. Malwarebytes loads, shows running in my system. I can scan files by rick clicking them and hitting scan. But I have no ability to see my tray. See if my service is uptodate. See if I'm being protected, settings, etc.
  7. My Malwarebytes 3 tray no longer loads up. I've tried putting the Mtray application file into my startup and that still doesn't work. I've done a full uninstall and reinstall. No joy. mb-clean-results.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
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