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  1. Ok thanks you, i've tried the clean re-install method and it seems to work. But i haven't reboot my computer since it worked, so i'll be sure when i'll be rebooting it, and if it isn't working again i'll try to add all the exclusions you gived me
  2. I'm currently running the version 3.3.1, i've seen that the problem may be caused by Windows Defender so i tried to make some exclusions for 'C:/ProgramFiles/Malwarebytes' and 'C:/ProgramData/Malwarebytes' but it doesn't seems to work.
  3. Hi, I'm currently trying to enable my real time protection on my premium account, but everytime it doesn't want to activate and the button instantely jump back on 'disable'. I've seen on the web that the problem is frequent but i didn't fond any working solution. Thanks to you and have a nice day, Rattlesneak
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