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  1. Add me to the list of people hoping for a fix soon on this issue on a Windows 7 (64bit) system. I had the same problems as well with the two most recent beta component updates, and really tried to avoid/postpone this "release" update after seeing that others were experiencing the same hard lockups I was with the betas (frozen system, no mouse or keyboard working, but no BSOD or auto-reboot either, so only resolution was reset button or power-off restart). I moved back off the beta channel and onto the older release (stable version) for a couple of weeks and all was OK again. I thought that I had read in the forums that this update was being "withheld" pending resolution of this, but my system finally self-updated to the 1.0.508 component version on Friday (Dec 14th), and I had my first full lockup upon resuming from standby today (Dec 16th). It's been better than the betas (they caused all sorts of lockups), but sadly not bug-free.
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