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  1. Add me to the list of people hoping for a fix soon on this issue on a Windows 7 (64bit) system. I had the same problems as well with the two most recent beta component updates, and really tried to avoid/postpone this "release" update after seeing that others were experiencing the same hard lockups I was with the betas (frozen system, no mouse or keyboard working, but no BSOD or auto-reboot either, so only resolution was reset button or power-off restart). I moved back off the beta channel and onto the older release (stable version) for a couple of weeks and all was OK again. I thought that I had read in the forums that this update was being "withheld" pending resolution of this, but my system finally self-updated to the 1.0.508 component version on Friday (Dec 14th), and I had my first full lockup upon resuming from standby today (Dec 16th). It's been better than the betas (they caused all sorts of lockups), but sadly not bug-free.
  2. OK, please find the requested log files attached. Thanks in advance mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. On a Windows 7, x64 system, I use an older HP M2727 printer on my local network that is (status) monitored by the above mentioned HP ToolboxFX program (version, from 1/27/2010). This used to work perfectly with previous versions of Malwarebytes (including 3.4.5), but now is unable to monitor and communicate with the printer via this program: I can get it to work only if I disable the Web Protection component of Malwarebytes 3.5 beta. With Web Protection enabled, the HP ToolboxFX program will open, but displays a message that it is unable to communicate with the printer. I have already tried to add every exclusion I can think of within Malwarebytes (including the entire Folder this program resides in, as well as the HPTLBXFX.exe file as an "application web process" , and the IP address of the printer on my network) but no luck there either. By the way, I do not run any other A/V programs. I suppose my next step would be to run the new support tool in order to send off more complete information to you, right?
  4. Just to follow up on this; yes, a run of the mb-clean tool, followed by a fresh re-install completely solved this. Thanks to dcollins for the quick help.
  5. Ok thanks, I will try that now...I just started to see some similar advice in the Beta Forum when your reply came in suggesting the same solution.
  6. Please add me to the list of people having this issue today (and I am one of the few that has never had a serious problem with Malwarebytes, even with all of the iterations of Version 3.x.x that have been problematic for many others). Now it is even blocking access to local private IP addresses, such as my router access page at, even though I tried adding it to the exclusion list, and it still blocks that (thus completely ignoring my exclusion). The only way to access that page for me is to completely turn off the Web Protection component. I will try a shutdown and restart of Malwarebytes, followed by the same for Windows as a last double-check. FWIW, I am using version, component package version 1.0.273, and update 1.0.3558
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