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  1. OK I followed the second set instruction from meeimoos. I used IE while navigating these had sync in chrome turned off the entire time, in fact since restting sync I did not open chrome again until all steps of the second set of instruction completed I scanned again with negative result. Then I scanned once more when I reinitiated chrome sync and came negative hit again. I also did install and use ADW. SO right now I am clean. I did not want this to be mananged on exclusions because if i have a pup I dont want to hide it from my licensed malware removal product no matter how non-invasive which
  2. no But I followed these instructions in this thread which included a brand new install of chrome and ELEX was "replaced" with another version of itself yet again. I will try the othe instruction.
  3. Is Malwarebytes working on a patch to deliver for premium license holders that effectively kills ELEXSHRTCLN? So far no fix in this forum is relevant to me I have tried them all. Addition.txt Fixlog.txt FRST.txt Scanlog4.txt
  4. I have done everything on this site. I am an advanced user and I began with 4 ELEX hits. I subsequently in october reset sync and chrome, looked up webdata in my appdata folder and deleted it. That got rid of one. Then I reset chrome and sync options as outlined by these forums did a clean install of the latest chrome (yes if you do the FIX the subsequent scan will bring on about 10 or so ELEX ShrCln. and A ton of othe pups That is because when you run FIX from the FRST it will eliminate your extensions, specifiacly adbloc and ABP if you use it. So I reinstalled those ran scan again got rid of
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