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  1. About a week ago I suddenly started getting the message that Real Time Protection has been turned off. I've been using Webroot for several years, and added the Premium version of Malwarebytes a few months ago. They've been playing together nicely up until now. I've spent some time searching for solutions. I've added exclusions to both programs, I've rebooted countless times. The only solution I've found is to disable Webroot completely, which isn't acceptable. The programs are supposed to be compatible, and I'm sure others have found a way to make this work. I've also disabled Windows Defender, just to remove that variable. I'm following the steps outlined in: The mb-check-results.zip file is attached. mb-check-results.zip I've added the following exclusions in MWB: Here are the files I've excluded in Webroot: One more piece of the puzzle is that my wife and I share this computer, and we log in with different accounts. I'm not sure if that is part of the problem or not. I'm hoping this is a simple configuration change. Thanks!
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