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  1. Yeah, since my laptop was relatively new, I just reset it to factory default. I didn’t have a flash drive handy... So that’s the only option I could think of for me.
  2. I have downloaded and tried so many scans that I have seen other people say to try. Nothing is helping. I noticed while playing any game online that every few seconds everything would drag and freeze up. Then I noticed my browser redirecting to Bing when I would search from the address bar, it would briefly show "extensions.citypage.today". Finally I discovered igfxmtc.exe in the task manager, and when the computer would drag there would be multiple processes running called "Windows Process Manager" (in details it is showing reihkdp.exe). I can not end the processes, I can not open or delete the folder for the the file location... NOTHING is working... I'm freaking out, because I just got this new computer a few days ago as a gift for Christmas, so me and my boyfriend could finally game together smoothly... and now I have this stupid virus!! Please, is there anything I can do to remove this? Btw, several anti-malware programs that some websites have said to use to get rid of this will not install or even open. It's like it is blocking the things designed to remove it.
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