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  1. Thanks Devin, I upgraded to 3.3.1 and it seems to be working now. The web-protection and ransomware protection are staying "on" now. I am still curious, why it all for sudden (within the last 2 days) broke without me doing anything unusual. Do you have a website that someone can browse which should throw an alarm (and block it)? I don't really want to go to a website from a report 2 days ago (which is most likely malicious) to test Thanks a lot, Martin
  2. The last few days, I get the pop-up that real-time protection is not enabled, and it suggests to turn Web-protection and Ransomware protection on. Unfortunately it is not possible to turn it back on. I followed another post ( ) where it suggests to add exceptions, which I did. It seems now the ransomware protection can be enabled (at least sometimes it stays enabled), but the real-time web-protection cannot be turned on. I attached the scan-results like suggested in the other post. Can someone take a look what might be wrong? I don't know what to do ... (MWB 3.2.
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