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  1. HI, Sorry to take so long to get back to you, I have done as you suggested and made the clean re-install, however I still cannot access the website and suspect the problem is their end and always has been. I shall keep battling on and hopefully sometime in the New Year I will miraculously get hold of one of their IT staff and we can sort it out. I am very grateful for your help, as I have learned something new to help myself as I do most of my own trouble-shooting, and it may also help get friends and family out of trouble. Enjoy the holiday season and I hope you and yours have a safe and ha
  2. as requested, and many thanks! This has been driving me crazy! mb-check-results.zip
  3. A website I have used regularly for 10 years has had a makeover, and I can no longer access it. The log-in is a pop-up and my computer freezes. It belongs to a well-known publishing company and a sister website has had a similar makeover; I can access that site but only using Opera. Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox will not let me log-on. i have tried on 3 different devices, one an android, and on a brand new computer that had never ever logged onto the internet before I tried to access that website. All devices run different security suites, and the 2 Windows computers are absolutely up-to-d
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