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  1. Welp, two working days have passed and no action on my ticket except an automated reply. It is actually serendipitous that this issue occurred just days before I placed a large ordered to protect my company's work computers. Would have been a no-brainer going with Malwarebytes given the track record of the past eight years but, now they are out of the running. I can't risk passing malware onto clients because a third party vender won't give me proper customer service.
  2. Yeah, I figured this was going to be a multi-day affair of playing email tag at least. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will update this thread with any progress to help others in a similar situation know what's up.
  3. I bought Malwarebytes way back in the day in 2009 or 2010 when you could buy a lifetime license for 9 machines. So long ago I don't exactly remember when nor do I have the same email but I do have my original install disc and info. Never was a problem updating to new versions of Malwarebytes with my lifetime license for the past eight years until today. This is the same exact machine that had a valid license for years so don't give me that "you ran out of activations" nonsense. Is this simply a glitch with version 3.3.1 or, is Malwarebytes not going to honor the license of it's original custom
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