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  1. I used bootable ubuntu to rescue my files, I think I can just reinstall and I'll be fine. But I'm curious so I will do these steps sometime later
  2. Some days ago when I booted my computer it started disk checking for some reason.. When it finally booted it took some time until the login was finished and after that I noticed some weird stuff: background changed to default one, internet tray icon gone. I did some stuff like sfc, dism and startup repair but they didn't help.. A lot of stuff are broken for example the start menu (doesn't open), personalization menu (gives error). And also I got a BSOD the first time I ran the sfc (at like 50% or something). I have Malwarebytes on the computer but the scan only shows me a Crypto miner (which I downloaded by myself) and nothing else.. I also get C:\WINDOWS\System\compatellrunner.exe popup as cmd at every boot and sometimes randomly. %AppData% env var seems to be dead which causes a lot of problems (the folder does exist)
  3. The problem got solved after a restart (of my computer).
  4. Hello Ron, please read my message carefully. It says that there were no infections found. I only want to know why this happens.
  5. I already had an newer version of this program when I installed this older version, I uninstalled it from the control panel but it is still in the Start Menu.. I cannot open it
  6. Hello. Today after I installed a program my computer randomly restarted and the program didn't get installed. I ran a full scan and nothing was found.. But I keep getting popups about a site that got blocked (it shows that it got requested from firefox but I closed that tab ages ago!) the thing is that I installed this program from this website so I'm not sure if I've got malware that is trying to log my data..
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