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  1. It's okay. So far everything's been okay, the SmartService hasn't returned. I've installed a couple things, gaming related; an online mmo, a fan made game, haven't ran into any problems, everything seems to be fine.
  2. I'm pretty sure I don't. During the first week i had the virus, which was 3 weeks ago, i did multiple factory restores and resets, if i did have any of those, they'd be long gone, but of course the SmartService stayed after those resets.
  3. Idk if the smart service can inject itself into exes in a flashdrive, but i did insert my flash drive into my infected PC, when it was infected, multiple times, and i did have a few of the same type of exe files in my flash drive when I did that. Here's an exe that I created, It's an exe file for a short game I made about a year and some ago. Here's the VirusTotal report URL: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/6d4b8623f6aed1f3ffc96d3a16164967d92245b08c63342e9e1dd6be53c11748/details The site claims it's clean, but idk about that. I thought maybe you'd wanna check it out.
  4. I don't think that that installer was bundled with the infection hear me out, here's how I know, or rather, here's evidence on how I know. That installer is the same installer that I used on my computer a long time ago, and there was no virus when I double clicked it and installed it. It installed perfectly. Another piece of evidence is that when I was talking to a different expert before I started talking with and getting assistance from you, the previous guy sent me a fixlist that got the virus off my computer. When it was off, I went ahead and tried to get my computer back to it's original shape by attempting to get some software I originally had before the virus and I did this by using the installers I had in my downloads folder when I originally had the virus, which as you know, I moved from my computer to another (clean) computer. The first installer that I wanted to install that I saved was COMODO. When I double clicked the COMODO installer, It started it's extracting process which is normally how COMODO installs, but during that process, the extracting process abruptly stopped and the extracting window closed down. I thought this is kinda weird, so I tried to click on the installer again, it wouldn't open. I checked the task manager, and there it was, the virus, it came back. Now with you, this was different. After you sent me the first fixlist that got the virus off my computer, instead of installing COMODO with the saved installer (not knowing it could've been infected), I went to the COMODO website where i, of course got the saved installer from long ago, and got a new installer because at the time, i didn't have access to the clean computer where i was storing my saved installers. When I got the new COMODO installer, and double clicked it, there were no interruptions; it downloaded perfectly, which is a major difference between getting a clean installer and the installer i had saved from when I first obtained the virus. Now, I really think i'm correct on this, i wish i didn't delete those installers that were possibly infected so that you could take a look at them.
  5. Here's the Fixlog. I do have one question, since this virus came back, wouldn't it mean that some of the programs on my computer got infected like those installers? or did the fixlist fix that. Also should I run the AdwCleaner and Rougekiller again? Fixlog.txt
  6. Here's the weird thing though. When I double clicked the installer, the install window didn't come up. My computer restarted itself before it could.
  7. Here are updated FRST and Addition txts because, idk how, but I was able casually to delete dthrvcesvc and the thing that COMODO managed to stop (as shown in the above picture). Internet is also accessible now on my computer. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Yes! Do you think It was that? I do remember double clicking that when it happened. It was from one of my saved installers. I deleted the installer earlier
  9. Here's something weird, after doing the FRST scan in the RE and booting normally, dthrvcesvc isn't running in task manager, and i'm able to open COMODO again. In COMODO I was able to see what was stopped earlier, Here's a picture along with the txt files. Since COMODO actually manage to quarantine whatever it was, everything seems to be fine. But lets keep going just in case Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. It's because i was thinking that after My computer restarted so i decided to delete all my saved installations from my flash drive and the clean PC. What other types of files could've been prone to be bundled with the infection? because i do have other files i had when i obtained the infection like video files, pictures, and sound files. Or is it only installation type files?
  11. Oh... umm... I deleted everything that could have been "bundled with infection." and emptied recycling bin... sorry
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