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  1. As stated previously, Firefox doesn't always glitch out and fail to access my bookmarks. For now, it seems to be fully functional. MBAM seems to be fully functional as well, as the MBAM system tray icon has reappeared. Thank you very much for your help. If any other issues arise, should I use this thread to ask you again? Or start a new one?
  2. Alright. Here is the MBAM cleaner log as well as the MBAM Scan log mb-clean-results.txt MBAMex.txt
  3. Alright. It may take some time. Will you still be online in maybe say an hour or 2? If it takes that long?
  4. For Firefox, not exactly every time I exit the browser, but usually, around the same time MBAM starts acting up, if I exit out of the browser, and open it again, Firefox glitches, and tells me it cannot access or store history anymore, and It cannot access my bookmarks.
  5. Ok. Do you believe this will solve my previously stated glitch with Firefox as well? Also, if I uninstall MBAM, will my exclusions remain?
  6. Yes, my version is outdated. Like the post stated, its version 14 that causes the conflicts with MBAM, not version 12 right?
  7. Yes, I opened the link and read the post, why do you ask? My Malwarebytes Web Protection and Malware Protections never get turned off because of Symantec. That actually is not one of the problems I've been having. The MBAM tray icon just keeps disappearing, and when it does, I am unable to open MBAM unless I restart the computer
  8. My version of Symantec is the same as the version in your reply. Version 12.1.7266.6800 I don't have version 14
  9. I excluded the HKU\S-1-5-21 and attached a picture of the exclusion. As for the other glitches I've been experiencing, will this fix them? Also, the HKU\S-1-5-21 is still in my Quarantine. What should I do with it? Restore it? Or should I delete it??
  10. Ok, I'll look over those answers. And yes. The computer I use came with Symantec Endpoint Protection pre-installed, and I didn't uninstall it or modify it at all. Malwarebytes always ran perfectly fine with it. Firefox and the Malwarebytes taskbar icon started glitching once this "virus" thing appeared on my computer, which is why I think those two problems stem from the "virus." I mean when they're glitching, both programs tell me they/I don't have access, so like you said previously, there is obviously some sort of "clash" happening within my system due to the changes I made in the registry,
  11. I always doubted that this was a legitimate virus. I've always been super careful with what I download, and have had Malwarebytes for years. Very rarely do I get a virus. And this all only started happening right after I changed the registry value. If you could potentially help me save my PC, I'd be so grateful!
  12. OK! Would adding such exclusion stop the other system malfunctions I've been experiencing?? (Firefox not letting me access history or bookmarks, MBAM's taskbar icon disappearing) If so, how would I add the exclusion?
  13. Alright. But before I do, could you explain exactly what you mean by "clash?" And is there anyway that I could fix this myself or with your help?? The IT aren't the friendliest and I could be scolded for causing said "clash," and they lack such knowledge to fix it. They'd just tell me to wipe my system, deleting all my data and such, which would be devastating to me
  14. Sort of. The computer has an IT department that doesn't help very much. I changed the registry value back to normal the day after changing it originally. Seems like me changing that ShareSection value brought a virus of some sort out of wherever, or interrupted something within my system.
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