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  1. mbst-grab-results.zip Details Phoenix V 6 won't load.docx
  2. Thanks to malwarebytes😖 I have lost access to one of the best computer financial farm programs and 20 years of data. Your program 😬corrupted my license files when they were quarantined by malwarebytes. Unfortunately Agdata doesn't have any fix for the .plf files The only fix would be to replace them and unfortunately this cannot be done due to this version being unsupported and the activation software has been decommissioned. This from Agdata - "Norton and MalwareBytes have created these issues for quite a number of clients. Unfortunately as they are other programs which AGDATA and Phoenix have no control over we cannot stop them from creating these types of issues. The directors here have emailed these products to try and stop this from happening in the future, however we have had no response from them to date." This is NOT GOOD ENOUGH
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