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  1. Ah, alright, well as of right now everything seems to be fine after turned off real website protection, I'll let you know if that changes, only thing that seems to be putting up a stink is the windows action center now, I'll look into getting exclusions set up when i have some free time, sorry for the late reply.
  2. Recently I've noticed that, after booting my computer and Malwarebytes finishes its scan, i cant seem to open the malwarebytes action center, which lets me check my scan reports, and manage my real-time protection, Its weird cause it only happens after the scan is done, which means if i restart my computer and click on either the tray icon or the shortcut before the scan initializes, or during the scan, it will open no problems, however after i close that window it will not reopen if i try and click on the tray icon, I decided to try and see if it needed to be fixed and followed instructions and automatically created MBST-Grab-Results zip after I had the support tool gather logs, then proceeded to have the support tool clean and reinstall Malwarebytes Premium, However the problem persists, For some extra information I had disabled Fast Startup in windows 10, as i assumed that might be a possible cause, and am currently running Avast Premium aswell. All scans i had with Malwarebytes also came back clean so I don't believe i have some sort of issue on that front, Attached are the results from the Support Tool, aswell as an FRST log and additions log, Would have included previous scan results if i had realized beforehand the clean got rid of those. mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-clean-results.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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