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  1. Ditto! And when all you've got is a frozen system, who and where is the clue that Malfunctionbytes is the culprit?? After multiple reboots and running WINSRT scanner, the process of elimination showed that only this junk release could be at fault. Oh, and having a second system handy that WASN'T running Malfunctionbytes helped a lot! As it is, I'm still sitting here with 1.0.whatever fix installed and web protection still cannot be activated. And everyone's gone home!
  2. I just got to see this, since I don't camp on these kinds of group grope support sites unless I'm having issues (like today's non-fix of a system-killing Malfunctionbytes release) and my login is set for email notification, which I never got...so, sorry for the delay. Well, Gonzo...as a "technical writer", something like the non-link I graphically presented should really get your hackles up. An after-the-fact explanation of what one should REALLY do instead of trying a dead end that should have long since been removed, well, I'm a bit surprised that you find no issue with it. Asking new use
  3. Well, here we are some hours and "fix" (ha, ha) 1.0.3084 later and nothing's changed. Web protection is still nowhere to be found. Thanks, "Malfunctionbytes". And yes, I've rebooted. Where do I go to claim my $40 refund and how do I remove this offal from my systems? Oh, and you may want to do a quick study on something called "Beta testing #101" before you foist this kind of crap on people next time...
  4. "As a new user trying to understand Malwarebytes' scheme, I went looking for "support" on the main webpage and got "support.malwarebytes.com" with the following hopeful means to support:: ...So I clicked on "Log in" where I got: Eventually, out of desperation, I stumbled onto another page called "...support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer" -- also with the same dead-end "Log in..." to the same "coming soon" thing. But wa-a-ay down below I found "Still need help?/Ask the forums" leading to the group grope forum...obviously, since here I am. My point is, reading that s
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