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  1. PracticalPenguin

    Please send help

    I understand. Thank you so much for the help, Ron!
  2. PracticalPenguin

    Please send help

    Oh, there's this certain website I often use to watch anime. Whenever I enter, MalwareBytes blocks a lot of different IPs. Here's one of them I thought this site was pretty safe, I mean, it's packed with pop ups, but I use Adblock and Poper Blocker, so I thought it was fine. txt.txt
  3. PracticalPenguin

    Please send help

    Yesterday, after the last restart, Malwarebytes blocked a few more websites (Chrome was off). Now, I just turned on the pc, so I'll keep you informed.
  4. PracticalPenguin

    Please send help

    Hey, thanks for the answer! I followed your instructions and this is what happened: Malwarebytes deleted a malicious pup (it's weird, because i've been running the programme these days and it didn't find anything then) Then, AdwCleaner cleaned a lot of stuff. A lot. Finally, I ran the FRST and saved both the txt and the addition. Here's everything you asked for, thank you so much. Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes text.txt
  5. PracticalPenguin

    Please send help

    Hello, I think I'm infected. MalwareBytes is constantly blocking websites, even if my browser is closed. Here's the FRST and the Addition. Thanks in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt

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