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  1. If I don't refresh it, sometimes it will come back sometimes it won't. That also seems to be completely random to me as well
  2. No, the problem will continue to happen but it's a temporary solution, sometimes for the remainder of the video, sometimes for 3 seconds.
  3. I just don't really know where to start and still feel pretty clueless when trying to read about what everything does. Wanted to say that when I'm on YouTube or Twitch or other sites that stream video, a simple refresh fixes the problem til it happens again. Same with spotify, it will stop playing or whatever then work again after 10 seconds or so. Don't know if that helps trying to figure out what's wrong
  4. I'm not sure how to find the pagefiles for certain programs (if you're saying that's what you wanna see). This system was auto upgraded last year probably to Windows 10. Using a local account. I think I noticed a slight improvement with that video you linked on Thursday but didn't play a lot to see if it was a permanent help. It brought on more lag in certain spots when I would come up on an enemy or spot like that. I'm gonna try to change max pre-rendered frames to 3 instead of 4 and see what happens
  5. Obviously I'm not 100% certain but I don't think it's an issue of the system not having enough memory or whatever. Think we kinda discussed that issue in the previous thread but I could be mistaken
  6. This happens with every game that I've played recently (Fortnite, LoL, H1Z1). And still having the the YouTube/Spotify issues as well. I'm gonna try to mess with the nVidia control panel. His issues seemed to happen more frequently and for shorter periods of time at the beginning. Mine is pretty inconsistent as to when it will freeze but seems to freeze for longer, less often.
  7. Dang that sucks. Yea I kill everything before playing games besides maybe some chrome tabs. Do you think a windows reinstall would do anything? Or would you think it's a hardware issue?
  8. Ok thanks, I will do that in the future. Will be standing by to see what you come up with
  9. Here's the results of that: https://gyazo.com/fc0c91de188f7cdb98724f226e0948cd
  10. Yes still having freeze issues. I played Fortnite yesterday and it was literally every 5 seconds it would freeze for a second or whatever. It didn't last all day but was really bad when I first started. Not sure what can possibly cause it to be better or worse at any given time. I'm currently using Windows 10. Build can be found here https://gyazo.com/8b5c637ce9e36b7ea7cf211ba8e45d9c I use a wired connection. Router is supplied by my ISP Cox and its an Arris Model: TG1682G. Never experienced any of the issues on my HP laptop, even when using wireless. I have an LG Flatron IPS235 monitor and a much older Samsung SyncMaster T220 both using DVI-D inputs. Games are played on the LG monitor.
  11. I posted another thread last month in General Windows PC Help section. Didn't really get anywhere as far as fixing the issues I'm having so was told to post here to begin analyzing the computer for malware if that is indeed the problem. Here is the previous thread
  12. Ok thanks for your help guys. Currently home for the holidays but I'll start that process when I get back.
  13. Messed around with the game settings to lower the quality. Brought the GPU down to ~60%. This did not help at all and seemed to make it worse at the time, though it could just be when the computer decided to act up more than usual. It also doesn't explain the issues with Spotify/YouTube/Twitch/etc. They don't use near the same amount of ram and I'm still experiencing problems with those. Not sure where to go from here.
  14. Ok just discovered that this was the actual usage while playing a game. This is probably the issue? It hit 99-100% often while I was playing in game.
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