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  1. While this problem was occurring I went to the Task Manager and ended Malwarebytes. Then I went to make sure that my Windows Defender was still running and received a notice that the app was not installed on my computer. So I turned Malwarebytes back on and went to make sure that Malwarebytes was still selected to "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center" and YIKES! My Premium version was gone and Malwarebytes had reverted to the "Free" edition and the options had changed under the Windows Action Center and the option to select "Never register Malwarebytes in Windows Action Center" was GRAYED OUT so no way to get Windows Defender turned back on to protect my system!! This is a real bug, if your program fails we should always be able to default back to Windows Defender. I was without any antivirus protection at all and no way to register my license number in the Free version since that was grayed out as well. It would also be nice if you know you have a problem if you would please send an immediate email out to your subscribers because I spent way too long trying to figure out what was going on this morning thinking I had a virus and trying to troubleshoot a problem that was on your end. PLEASE communicate with us ASAP when you have a problem! Thanks for getting on this right away and hopefully getting it fixed for everyone. Also hope this doesn't happen again!
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