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  1. As Trumph would say.........lock her up (this topic that is)........lol
  2. Just installed MB version 3.9.27 (from @treed link in post # 73) Rebooted with NO PROBLEMS. Thanks to all who had a hand in the fix.
  3. On reflection there could be something. On boot up & at around 60% the progress bar stops for about 5 to 10 seconds & then proceeds to the finish & the boot is completed. It has done this for ever & I have no idea what is going on. I have often thought that because I have a SSD it should be faster. But heck its booting up in 30 to 40 seconds anyways.
  4. Thanks @treed for the info on this issue. I too am puzzled by the performance issue. My iMac is a late 2015 & is maxed out spec wise. It has never exhibited any performance issues. It is very stable & runs very well. Boots up in about 30 to 40 seconds. Anyways thanks again, much appreciated.
  5. On July 31 this problem was first reported to MB via this forum/topic. Over a week ago. Like a number of other peopler here I am far from impressed by the way it has been handled by MB. I ditched the new version & went back to version 3.8.17. That works for me........for now. I only have one Mac to look after & my subscription is not up till December. Whilst I have lost some trust in MB It is not a complete loss of trust........yet. I am going to be watching what happens over the next days/weeks. Lets hope that MB can get this train wreck out of the ditch & back on the rails. I like this program, it works well for me & I want to keep using it, but after this muck up my renewal will not be automatic.
  6. Well I clicked on the links & they are all OK. I did the uninstall of the bad version & installed the old. Works fine. Why on earth Malwarebytes would not post this message directly to this topic is beyond me. Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy.
  7. Attention Malwarebytes: I have installed version 3.8.17..........Your flawed version is still available for download. Thats just plain SLOPPY Take it OFFLINE
  8. I have this boot problem on my late 2015 iMac running macOS 10.14.6 I had put a ticket to MB last week. Yesterday I was contacted by MB support & asked to install a new MB version.........which did not solve the issue. I also send in some reports to MB I keep my iMac running 24/7 & use the sleep function instead of powering down At this point I do have App Block active & will switch it off when I power down. I agree with nancyc. A lot of users may have boot issues & have not attributed it to Malwarebytes. I have had a Mac for over 10 years now & until now have never had an issue that caused my Mac not to boot up. One theory has been that only older Macs get this problem, but nancyc. has a 2017 Mac. So that blows that idea out of the water.
  9. Can the problem be software related? As an example I have Adguard (The App not the browser extension) in my open at login list. (As well as other programs.) On July 31 Apple released an updated Gateway Configuration Data #175. I have no idea, just thoughts
  10. Sorry, my comment was not targeted to anyone specific, other than people who may come on this topic for the first time & who have not been following it in detail over the past day or so. In regards to it being platform specific you are probably right. The mystery to me is that the mac's involved are both laptops & iMacs from a wide range of years.
  11. For the people who are NOT experiencing a problem please remember that you have to REBOOT your Mac for the problem to surface. Thanks
  12. I opened a ticket with Malwarebytes on this problem last week This afternoon I was provided with a new version of Malwarebytes for Mac: 3.9.24 It did not solve the issue for me. I have just sent in a file to help malwarebytes diagnose the issue So they are working on it. In the mean time I keep App Block off, that is where the problem is. (At least with me)
  13. So feeling brave & with Ad Block off I just installed the latest macOS supplemental update with no apparent issues. I noticed that on July 31 Apple released updated Gatekeeper configuration data # 175 For me it seems that the boot issues I experienced may be tied into the App Block. Thanks
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