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  1. If that is the case then there is a major problem in the price of the premium edition of Malwarebytes for Mac.......The price of the premium edition for Mac is exactly the same as the Windows edition. So why are less resources (in this case support staff) allocated to malware bytes for Mac?
  2. Thanks for the reply Alex. You could be right. However I would just note that for me Safari/Dark Reader has worked with your old forum for many years. Also: I have the latest version of Chrome on my Mac which also has Dark Reader. Your new forum works fine on Chrome/Dark Reader. Thanks Paul
  3. I know you are still getting rid of some bugs in the new forum. Just throw something into the mix that is affecting me. I'm on a Mac using Safari 13.1.2 I also use on this browser the Dark Reader extension 1.3.3 Dark Reader no longer works on the new forum. Thanks for any help. Paul
  4. For the past three years I have used both MB Premium & Adguard (the app, not them browser extension). I have had no problem at all running those two programs. Paul
  5. Thanks @treed for your input. I kinda knew that but my imagination went into overdrive when I saw that I had received no protection updates since installing MB version 4. (even though every thing looked fine.....no error messages etc) Thanks again. Paul
  6. Hello @1PW That protection update just came through @ 3:11pm PST. (I'm on the west coast) As I suspected I was fretting over nothing.....lol Thanks for your help Regards Paul
  7. I am running MB for Mac Premium 4.0.30 The protection is 4.0.436 installed on Nov 06 I am not showing any error messages etc. All seems fine I have also confirmed per above that it is the most recent protest action version. I find it somewhat strange that in over 2 weeks no further protection updates have been issued. Maybe I am just reading too much into this. Comments please MB staff. Thanks
  8. Is the latest version of protection for MB for Mac 4.0.436 ? Thanks Paul
  9. Sounds like a plan @treed. Obviously you will know this: The removal of this feature also removes the ability to manually check/update the protection. Thanks for the help. Paul
  10. Love the new interface.....great work Just one minor item: The old version used to say that the protection was up-to-date (or not) I cannot find this on the new version Am I missing it? Thanks Paul
  11. Then I would suggest that the link be removed by a moderator
  12. I have Adguard on my Mac. It is reporting the link in post #4 as a malware page & is blocking that link. Just so you know.
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