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  1. " can't comment on the timing of dark mode, but it is being worked on as we speak. " Many thanks for this info @treed,,,,,,,,much appreciated
  2. On reflection I would have to agree with you about the quarantine upgrade. I have been using MB for Mac (Premium) for almost three years now so obviously I am satisfied with it. Hopefully new features will continue to be rolled out on a regular basis. Can anyone say Dark Mode. Pretty Please! Thanks
  3. I went to the link that you showed before I posted my remarks. "Malwarebytes has added several features over the past few months and has more planned for the future." Thats what was written in post #2 & that is what I am trying to track down. This is what I see on the support link you posted.: Bug fixes & improvements. Improvements to quarantine ( an existing feature that was upgraded) App block feature. NEW feature. I only see one brand new App feature that has been added over the past few months..........The App block. The rest are improvements or bug fixes. I don't mind that only one feature has been added over the past few months............but its not several its one brand new feature. Also In my mind "the past few months" is no more than six months & that's the time period I checked. If I am in error then MB staff please set me right. Thanks
  4. "2. Do I understand correctly that the yearly charge for Apple computers is the same as for Windows computers despite the fact that for Apple computers the application provides a lot less features?" That is an interesting question that comes up on a regular basis. I support the Mac version of Malwarebytes (Premium) But never the less that question floats round my mind too. I get it that not all Windows features have to be on the Mac version & visa versa. But from what I can see the Windows version is much more robust than the Mac version. The answer from MB is that there are not as many threats to Mac's as Windows. True. We are told that MB for Mac has features that Windows does not have. App block is one that is mentioned. But I have been unable too discover a detailed listing of "new" Mac specific features that have been added over the past few months. What am I missing? Thanks
  5. I agree, but I doubt that anyone from MB will be posting anything till after Labour Day.
  6. "Perhaps a description of how the Mac version of Malwarebytes functions would be sufficient" The pricing page on the MB website gives the major differences between platforms
  7. I have tried as you suggested to no avail. I do not think that feature is in the Mac version of MB Thanks
  8. "If you go to the Reports section and look at the list of "scan" reports, double click on the one you need, you will see it in your text processor app." I must be missing something.....Double clicking as per the statement above does nothing! ?? Thanks
  9. True, but if you uninstall Flash then any message to update must be bogus. Since I uninstalled flash I have zero messages to update flash. If you need to keep Flash then make sure that any updates are done through System Preferences on your Mac. I use Adguard to stop everything else. (The App, not the browser extension) I have had Adguard on my Mac since 2017 with very few issues.
  10. Get rid of these Flashplayer messages for ever: Ditch Flashplayer....uninstall it from your machine. Problem solved. I did this some months back & have never missed it.
  11. As Trumph would say.........lock her up (this topic that is)........lol
  12. Just installed MB version 3.9.27 (from @treed link in post # 73) Rebooted with NO PROBLEMS. Thanks to all who had a hand in the fix.
  13. On reflection there could be something. On boot up & at around 60% the progress bar stops for about 5 to 10 seconds & then proceeds to the finish & the boot is completed. It has done this for ever & I have no idea what is going on. I have often thought that because I have a SSD it should be faster. But heck its booting up in 30 to 40 seconds anyways.
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