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  1. yes thank you the key is working now thanks for the support
  2. hi, today malwarebutes support team send me again old license key, that i can not use it. i don't know support team not understanding my language or they can not provide me new license key. i am also going to send you all the detail. i will be happy if you could help me solve my problem. thanks in advance
  3. please find response from both(avangate and malwarebytes)customer support teams.
  4. i didn't have a malwarebytes account by the time i purchased the product. but after few days i wanted to create malwarebytes account, i used the same email to create an account, the one i used to purchased the product. malwarebytes shows me message that this email is already in use, but when i click on forget password. malwarebytes not sending me any instruction to my email
  5. i had problem in windows 10, so i restore it without de-activating malwayrebytes. however after re-installing malwarebytes, the old license key was not accepted, as mentioned that first i need to de-activate the other malwayrebytes software. i sent many emails to avengate from whom i purchased the license key. now avengate saying that i need to contact malwarebytes support team and malwarebyte support team told me to contact avengate from whom i ordered the license key. this is 5th day my problem has not been solve . any suggestion or help?
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