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  1. Thank you both for your input. The next day, everything showed up where it belongs - in the menu bar and the apps folder. I don't know if it's connected, but the entire system has slowed down now - Thunderbird, Firefox, Office - everything's sluggish, response to clicks can take two or three seconds. I wonder if the slowdown has anything to do with why the system couldn't see MWB for so long. Ironically, after all this - the solution to the persistent video windows is a little Firefox add-on called WebControl. The best intentions ...
  2. My Mac is up to date with High Sierra and Firefox Quantum. Since the installation of Quantum I've had a flurry of problems. For some of those, I was advised to download MWB in case some had resulted from malware. I know exactly how rare those are on a Mac anyway, but was told it wouldn't hurt. The recommendation specifically mentioned adwcleaner, which I can't find for Mac - only an .exe file for Windows. So I opted fro MWB for Mac. I've installed it twice now, and - there's no MWB. That's to say, I complete all the installation steps, and I get the confirmation that it's been i
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