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  1. ZoneAlarm Secure Security is now the name of the complete package. It uses Kaspersky for anti-vrusi which the US government no longer will use. Should we use ZoneAlarm for Firewall? Should we use Kaspersky for Anti-virus? I must admit that I have always been a big fan of ZoneAlarm firewall and the new phishing tool appears to work very well. In 2005 Steve Gibson says he will no longer uses ZoneAlarm. In other words, he once suggested it https://www.grc.com/x/news.exe?cmd=article&group=grc.security&item=104301&utag= What firewall+anti-virus does anyone suggest? I have had not problems with Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm, but times change. The #1 thing is I'm using MalwareBytes in real-time and that will not change.
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