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  1. I am going to start work on removing them, but I have this weird problem and I don't know if this is related but this link pops up - extension.citypage.today/?affID=970801784&q=test - and then I am rerouted to bing. Either way, I am starting to work on removing them, do you recommend 360 or AVG? Or do you have a personal favorite free virus detector?
  2. Alright I got the zip file mb-check-results.zip
  3. Thanks, I went into programs and features to uninstall some stuff and some of it did uninstall but for some of it when I clicked uninstall it did nothing and I had to restart programs and features to try and uninstall something else. I also turned PUP's and PUM's to detect only and at the end of the scan I just tried to move the malware to quarantine ( there were 57 detections of malware) and it still wouldn't move anything. Are there any other possible solutions or am I going to need to wait for an update?
  4. Alright, so I just finished my first Malwarebytes scan and including PUP's and PUM's I had about 1250 threats most of which were PUP's. When the scan ended I hit the move to quarantine button and the indicator circle popped up but the number remained 0/1250 for a half hour. How do I get the files to move to quarantine?
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