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  1. Thank you for helping. I appreciate it. There is no error message. I open malwarebytes on my Mac and it shows an error that the database is outdated. There is also the icon showing that the database is outdated. I click on the button to update database and the icon quickly flashes to the green check mark for a moment before returning to its previous state (database outdated). Choosing the Malwarebytes -> Check for updates option on the menu bar does not show activity. It is as if the program cannot connect to the server. I have tried uninstalling the program using the appropriate uninstall tool for my version. The new download installs properly and has the updated database at that time, but cannot update afterwards.
  2. I have v3.1.1.505 installed, and a premium license. I have not been able to update the definitions since Nov 30. Does anyone have a solution?
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