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  1. Thanks for clarification. My biggest concern was that the phishing sites could install something on my mac without my knowledge, so glad to heard that they cannot. Your help is very much appreciated.
  2. Ok, so in another word the risk is only if I entered my login credential on a false website? I did a scan on the Dec 2nd which was ok and on Dec 6 it shows those phishing files, so changing my password only on the sites I logged between Dec 2nd and Dec 6th should be enough right?? also 99% of the time I use my bookmark websites for my login so those site should be safe? I was worry about these files if they would put a script on my mac to steal informations in the future, so it is not the case right? thank you very much for your help
  3. Hi, Does malwarebytes check for phishing files also? would it pick up an html phishing file or phishing script on my mac? I am asking because I ran avast and it found two HTML:Phishing documents on my safari webkit cache folder. I wonder how it got into my cache because I thought that phishing was via email and I barely click anylink from my email. Why my anti virus did not block it also. would malwarebytes block the files? I click the delete button via avast and ran another scan and nothing, I downloaded malwarebytes and ran the scan and got a clean result. So should I consider that my mac is clean and these phishing file did not do any harm and am I safe? thanks
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