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  1. @vbarytskyy Malware is giving me an error saying that it's unable to restore because it cannot find the file. I'm trying to restore each item individually to see if any of them can be restored but each one so far gives me the same error.
  2. @vbarytskyy I just restored my computer to shortly after my initial quarantine and I can see the various false positives. I'm trying to restore everything in that report but I'm having a bit of difficulty navigating with my keyboard. If I'm able to restore everything in this report, do I simply restart afterwards? @Firefox Ill try to make some logs if restoring the quarantined files does not work.
  3. Not sure if it matters but I have a mouse cursor during the system restore process but not after I've restarted the computer following the restore.
  4. @vbarytskyy @Firefox Updated Malware's databases, reinstalled Synapse, updated my drivers for my mice, and ran a system file check in command prompt. Still have no cursor and am navigating via keyboard, mouse is being detected by my computer when I plug it into the USB port but I'm getting no cursor. Malware's quarantine logs don't have the report from when I initially quarantined everything yesterday morning. Latest system restore couldn't finish due to an unspecified error.
  5. Having an issue where my mouse is not working on my PC. Earlier today I ran Malware and got hit with a hundred or so Trojans in my Razer files. I quarantined everything and ran a few more scans, quarantining anything that came up. At some point my Razer Taipan stopped working so I plugged in an old Razer lachesis and that worked for awhile. Unfortunately that stopped working after a restart. I then came to the forums for help after a system restore failed to fix my mouse and saw all the false positive issues with Razer. I hoped to simply restore everything Malware quarantined but I uninstalled
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