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  1. OMG. THIS WORKED. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Really (I also ran the Installer with Compatibility to Windows 7. I did get a message that my Audio driver wasn't compatible with this OS but it works anyway, so it's all good, Thank you, really. Also thanks everyone for your time and help. I'm really grateful for everyone attention and time spent in trying to help me. Thank you very much..
  2. I hate the fact that i can't edit my comments, but after ussing the Speccy this is the name of the motherboard and some other info it showed me (Sorry for the double post again). Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD Phenom II X4 850 30 °C Propus 45nm Technology RAM 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 535MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard ASRock N68-S3 FX (CPUSocket) 40 °C Graphics SyncMaster (1440x900@60Hz) 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (ZOTAC International) 39 °C Storage 465GB Western Digital WDC WD50 00AAKX-003CA SCSI Disk Device (SATA ) 38 °C Optical Drives TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224BB SCSI CdRom Device Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio
  3. The only thing i found write on the motherboard is ASROCK (Bottom) and at the top right corner AM3+ ddr3 1600 The only other thing write on it is ''Designed on Taipei'' and the Processor that it supports. There's also a RoHS at the bottom right but i don't think thats important. I hope this is the info you were looking for. Thanks for putting up with me even though i'm completely clueless about the process.
  4. I dunno what mine are nor how i find out about it but. ASROCK is my Motherboard name and i use a Desktop computer. Also from the Dxdiag thing, the ''Sound'' tab says ''No sound card detected'' if that's of any importance. You can think of me like the Average old joe that has no idea of technology, and this computer is old so i have no idea about the information about it.
  5. Sorry for my ignorance (I'm not a native speaker so its even worse for me to understand that), but i seriously have no idea what that mean. Dell Latitude? In this scenario we're talking about (Audio and drivers) how would the Make and Model look like? because i have no idea..
  6. Sorry for the double post but i posted it wrong above and i didn't find any option to Edit it. So here is how it was supposed to look like. I can be considered a newbie in regards to computer so i have no idea on what you mean by ''Make and Model of the platform'' and how do i find that out. What is the exact Make and Model of the platform in question ? if you could explain it in further details if you don't mind, it would make it easier for me to understand and give you the information you might be asking for. Thanks in Advance 
  7. I can be considered a newbie in regards to computer so i have no idea on what you mean by ''Make and Model of the platform'' and how do i find that out.
  8. So. Today i just did a fresh Windows 10 64 bits install on my computer and updated it to the last version 1809. Alright, since it was a fresh install i went to my Control Panel > Device Manager and updated all the Drivers there. One by one. Still, even after updating everything my sound does not work. It says. ''No Audio Output Device is Installed'' and my ''Headset'' microphone works fine despite the audio not working. I went through several guides on the internet and none worked. I tried uninstalling and installing all the audio drivers again. didn't work. I tried to use Driveridentifier (Not a third party driver installer, but just a program that detects what driver you're missing and guides you to that Driver manufacturer Website) and it tells me i need a Nvidia High Definition Audio driver but the problem is. I CANT INSTALL IT. it Always keep saying the same thing ''This driver is not compatible with this version of windows'' I TRIED several different version of drivers suggested in the Driveridentifier and all of them had the same problem. I went to the site of Nvidia and put each information correctly and went through everything correctly. Windows 10 64 Bits? (Checked) GeForce series? (Checked) 700 series? (Checked) GT 730 ? (CHECKED) I went through everything correctly and without any wrong information and i downloaded the lastest update and guess what? THE SAME ERROR, saying the driver wasn't compatible with my windows version even though i have the lasted windows 10 version i could download from windows. I don't know if this is important but i'm just throwing this information here anyway. My audio ''drivers'' on my Device Manager are these (All updated to the lastest version i could get from the Device Manager) High Definition Audio Device Nvidia High Definition Audio Nvidia High Definition Audio Nvidia High Definition Audio Nvidia High Definition Audio Could someone PLEASE help me? it is a very fresh and clean windows 10 install, so there isn't any program or anything new besides Google Chrome.
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